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gothic angel

gothic detailing is beautiful. gothic architecture, gothic paintings, and this dress. not sure if noveau pink meant for this piece to translate as gothic as it appears, but i’m pretty sure bell sleeves, floral lace, and black-on-black is a good indication of gothic beauty.

we dolled quinn up in silver accents and even some rhinestones - and she looks too perfect for words. we’ll be donning this dress as we hit the town this weekend, that’s for sure:

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xo bekka

a bit of inspiration : isabella rose taylor

as i’ve been flipping through the SS15 collections on, i’ve seen a lot of beautiful, inspiring things. from honor to karen walker and more coming through every day (you know i’m aching for betsey’s show to be up!). it makes me miss the hectic hub-bub around new york’s busiest time of the year for the fashion elite and the fashion wanna-be-elites, alike. 

though, what really caught my eye today was more an inspirational story of ambition, goals, and pursuing a dream. isabella rose taylor is a 13-year-old texan with the mindset of a 31-year-old texan. she’s far from cowboy boots and big hair: she already has a tedx talk under her belt, as well as her first showing at new york fashion week - making her one of the youngest designers to ever show. 

her collection is youthful with hints of sophistication, which you can only imagine would come from a girl like her. she holds on to her youth, though she’s wise beyond her years - she graduated high school at 11 and is currently taking college courses between building a business and you know…being a kid. makes me wish they made time machines so i could go back and try to be 1/16th as productive as this girl!

below you’ll see some of my favorite looks from her latest show, as well as a link to her website. you can also read some wonderful interviews and quotes by the young star on hello giggles and the daily beast

and if you’re impressed with the graphic prints and detailing of the fabrics taylor uses, you should be: those are her fine art pieces turned into fabric. no big deal.

see a great shot of the designer, herself, on our ig @_bekka___

visit her sit here.

xo bekka

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glam rock

a little bit rock’n’roll is always a good idea, with or without the country. 

when pairing glamorous pieces (like a deep cowl back silk top) and edgier pieces (like torn up cut-off jean shorts), never go against your gut! emily actually told me as i styled her for this look that she’d never think to pair these items together, but once on, she loved the look. fashion is about taking risks and - to quote tim gunn - “making things work” - even if you aren’t sure they will. it’s just clothes, you can always take them off!

what i really love about this look is how we riffed on the popular “backwards necklace” trend that was popular at the golden globes. since the neckline of our blouse is so high, we could just wear a regular necklace with the pendant draping down the back because the high neck covered the necklace closure. most reverse necklaces are long enough that they don’t have a closure at all, but in a pinch, it’s a fun trick to try with some necklaces of your own!

get a closer look at those incredible vintage ray-ban’s on our instagram outtake @_bekka___

xo bekka

pleased and pleated

with the official end of summer, some people put away their whites, florals, and anything reminiscent of warm-weather past. luckily in southern california, the warm weather doesn’t leave too often, so while we can abide by some summer-only rules, for the most part, we play with everything in our wardrobe all year round.

today’s look is wave ‘hello’ to the coming fall, without forgetting our better half, summer. mixing darker tones with short sleeves and a floral print is a great way to have your look fold into new seasons. and speaking of folds, are the pleats on that skirt perfection or what? 

visit us on instagram @_bekka___ for a darling outtake of quinn in that season-smashing oversized hat!

xo bekka

holiday brain : polka dot

with the long weekend and a holiday in san francisco - we totally forgot to post our polka dot-centric look on friday! our bad.

this look is focused around bold colors and our main squeeze of a pattern, polka dots. when i found that skirt at my local goodwill, i squealed! it’s 100% silk in a vibrant plum shade with a perfectly scattered dot. a perry ellis original, and a new staple in my every-growing closet. 

to make the look pop even more than its signature pattern, i paired it with a neon-trimmed top and poof dangle earrings that just won’t stop:

check out today’s instagram for an upclose and personal outtake of those muppet-esque earrings @_bekka___

xo bekka

a little bit of inspiration : the polka dot

maybe a little bit of history, too.

it’s no secret that the polka dot is no stranger to the world of fashion. for better or worse, this punchy pattern has been a staple in many fashion maven’s wardrobes for decades. we love a good, oversized, scattered polka dot, personally, but we aren’t overly picky with our love of polka.

and if you’re wondering, yes! the polka dot originated because of the love of the musical styling…polka! weird al would be proud. and also a little jersey pride here: so says legend that the first time polka dot was shown in fashion to a mass audience was in 1926 when miss america donned a polka dot bikini in her winning shot! go atlantic city!

i’d even give myself a double-take in this look:

looking forward to friday’s polka-dotted doozy of a look - hope you are, too!

xo bekka

fave finds no. 5 : for the love of french fries

…and designer gadgetry.

this month’s fave finds couldn’t be more unique, and i love them all equally. a little bit thrift, a little bit designer, a little bit luck, and lastly, a little bit hand made, i’ve pretty much hit every target possible.

and to make this post even more special…my near and dear sarah, a nj darling, of course, has been in town for the past few days and was willing to be a guest model for our ‘fave finds’ this month. so, without further ado:

that gorgeous swing coat with an asymmetrical buckle closure was an absolute must when visiting my local crossroads trading company. i love this shop because it’s a mix of vintage, thrift, and brand new. this coat may have been someone else’s before i snagged it for $25, but it looks and feels brand new! 

what is definitely not brand new is that incredible, french fry case mcdonald’s bag. a goodwill steal at $3, i’ve used it numerous times on picnics and movie nights in the park (always carrying rose, of course). the lining is meant for cold weather bevvies or snacks, so naturally, we use it for alcohol. 

and for our handmade piece, sarah and i actually ventured to venice beach together on her trip and found a vendor selling these adorable floral, braided headbands. we snagged them for $4 each, and her flowers are white.

last but not least, the ultimate iphone case. when moschino debuted this fast food-inspired line, i flipped. and when i was able to get my hands on one of these cases, i double flipped. i get more compliments on it than maybe any other item i’ve owned - except for my large-face sparkle betsey johnson watch - and this iphone accessory truly expresses my love…for fries. 

check out sarah being oh-so cute on our instagram @_bekka___ now!

xo bekka

denim for days

while canadian jumpsuits and layering denim doesn’t sound like a good idea in the midst of all this summer heat, we have one blue-jean baby look that’ll top your list for hot-weather garb.

this dress was one of my first nyc thrift shop finds in a store that was actually a bar on top, vintage shop on the bottom. perhaps a booze-fueled purchase, nevertheless, this dress has stood the test of time in my closet:

check our adorable denim outtake on instagram @_bekka___ now!

xo bekka

what’s white, black + fab all over?

today’s look is one of my legendary lunch break favorites. what on earth does that mean? it means that you never know what amazing pieces you’ll find on your lunch break in la.

this one-piece romper was a target score. definitely a return from a brand of theirs that only runs online, this little puppy was not only gorgeous looking and in my size, but also on sale. a whopping $8 later, i wore it the very next day.

paired with emily’s oversized beach hat, we’re in low-budget, big-look heaven:

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xo bekka

bel - air beauty

we got vicariously dolled up on wednesday with all the inspiring mid-century cocktail party pics, and today we’re doing it for real. i’m lucky to be based technically in the bel air neighborhood of la, though just baaaarely. either way, using the neighborhood’s signage as a backdrop with today’s outfit was right on point.

quinn effortlessly styles this nines-worthy garb and deserves serious props for those heels - they are truly hell on heels:

check out today’s too-glam-for-tumblr instagram outtake @_bekka___

xo bekka