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let's play dress up.

holiday brain : polka dot

with the long weekend and a holiday in san francisco - we totally forgot to post our polka dot-centric look on friday! our bad.

this look is focused around bold colors and our main squeeze of a pattern, polka dots. when i found that skirt at my local goodwill, i squealed! it’s 100% silk in a vibrant plum shade with a perfectly scattered dot. a perry ellis original, and a new staple in my every-growing closet. 

to make the look pop even more than its signature pattern, i paired it with a neon-trimmed top and poof dangle earrings that just won’t stop:

check out today’s instagram for an upclose and personal outtake of those muppet-esque earrings @_bekka___

xo bekka

a little bit of inspiration : the polka dot

maybe a little bit of history, too.

it’s no secret that the polka dot is no stranger to the world of fashion. for better or worse, this punchy pattern has been a staple in many fashion maven’s wardrobes for decades. we love a good, oversized, scattered polka dot, personally, but we aren’t overly picky with our love of polka.

and if you’re wondering, yes! the polka dot originated because of the love of the musical styling…polka! weird al would be proud. and also a little jersey pride here: so says legend that the first time polka dot was shown in fashion to a mass audience was in 1926 when miss america donned a polka dot bikini in her winning shot! go atlantic city!

i’d even give myself a double-take in this look:

looking forward to friday’s polka-dotted doozy of a look - hope you are, too!

xo bekka

fave finds no. 5 : for the love of french fries

…and designer gadgetry.

this month’s fave finds couldn’t be more unique, and i love them all equally. a little bit thrift, a little bit designer, a little bit luck, and lastly, a little bit hand made, i’ve pretty much hit every target possible.

and to make this post even more special…my near and dear sarah, a nj darling, of course, has been in town for the past few days and was willing to be a guest model for our ‘fave finds’ this month. so, without further ado:

that gorgeous swing coat with an asymmetrical buckle closure was an absolute must when visiting my local crossroads trading company. i love this shop because it’s a mix of vintage, thrift, and brand new. this coat may have been someone else’s before i snagged it for $25, but it looks and feels brand new! 

what is definitely not brand new is that incredible, french fry case mcdonald’s bag. a goodwill steal at $3, i’ve used it numerous times on picnics and movie nights in the park (always carrying rose, of course). the lining is meant for cold weather bevvies or snacks, so naturally, we use it for alcohol. 

and for our handmade piece, sarah and i actually ventured to venice beach together on her trip and found a vendor selling these adorable floral, braided headbands. we snagged them for $4 each, and her flowers are white.

last but not least, the ultimate iphone case. when moschino debuted this fast food-inspired line, i flipped. and when i was able to get my hands on one of these cases, i double flipped. i get more compliments on it than maybe any other item i’ve owned - except for my large-face sparkle betsey johnson watch - and this iphone accessory truly expresses my love…for fries. 

check out sarah being oh-so cute on our instagram @_bekka___ now!

xo bekka

denim for days

while canadian jumpsuits and layering denim doesn’t sound like a good idea in the midst of all this summer heat, we have one blue-jean baby look that’ll top your list for hot-weather garb.

this dress was one of my first nyc thrift shop finds in a store that was actually a bar on top, vintage shop on the bottom. perhaps a booze-fueled purchase, nevertheless, this dress has stood the test of time in my closet:

check our adorable denim outtake on instagram @_bekka___ now!

xo bekka

what’s white, black + fab all over?

today’s look is one of my legendary lunch break favorites. what on earth does that mean? it means that you never know what amazing pieces you’ll find on your lunch break in la.

this one-piece romper was a target score. definitely a return from a brand of theirs that only runs online, this little puppy was not only gorgeous looking and in my size, but also on sale. a whopping $8 later, i wore it the very next day.

paired with emily’s oversized beach hat, we’re in low-budget, big-look heaven:

check out the oh-so-cute outtake on instagram now @_bekka___

xo bekka

bel - air beauty

we got vicariously dolled up on wednesday with all the inspiring mid-century cocktail party pics, and today we’re doing it for real. i’m lucky to be based technically in the bel air neighborhood of la, though just baaaarely. either way, using the neighborhood’s signage as a backdrop with today’s outfit was right on point.

quinn effortlessly styles this nines-worthy garb and deserves serious props for those heels - they are truly hell on heels:

check out today’s too-glam-for-tumblr instagram outtake @_bekka___

xo bekka

a bit of inspiration: dressed to the nines

we’ve had quite the un-glamourous week thus far, so we need some glamour. a mid-century cocktail party sounds just about right, and echoes today’s inspiration page perfectly. 

we put together a stunning look for friday, so in preparation of all that - let’s get sassy (and sauced, please):

a. a boat shaped bar…i repeat: a boat shaped bar!

b. some light reading. 

c. new party trick??

d. signs of a good party: lots of champagne bottles. correction: lots of EMPTY champagne bottles!

e. check out those amazing earrings. and that hair. dream look.

f. classic beauty at its finest - at the bar, being adored by a hunk!

g. that pink, feather-bottom dress: sign me up!

h. throwing shade at those who outdo you - it’s been a thing since the 50’s.

i. when life gives you limes, make a g&t.

j. this scarf is to die for! 

visit us on instagram for a graphically inspiring cocktail party post @_bekka___

xo bekka

tree hugger

friday is all about liberation, libations - freedom! we are about to jet set this weekend to an undisclosed location as a surprise birthday present for our dear jorge, but first let’s check out quinn in these literal apple bottom shorts.

they may not be the streetwear company you’re familiar with, but these darling short shorts are vintage gap - scored at a thrift shop somewhere far away, long ago. and those shoes…don’t get us started. it’s a love affair:

check out our instagram @_bekka___ to see the outtake that coined this post’s title!

xo bekka

military mama

earth tones, shiny metals and a hearty pair of black boots make for a perfect military-inspired outfit. quinn looks edgy yet feminine in today’s look, which mixes hard and soft textures flawlessly. the empire cut of the dress gives the skirt portion that effortless flow, while those boots paired with that angular, beaded necklace add a rough-and-tumble touch:

our instagram outtake is already up @_bekka___ - follow us for all the fun!

xo bekka

boho babe

when we snag a beautiful vintage find, we can’t wait to blog about it.

while today’s look is pretty effortlessly awesome, the key piece is that stunning, floor-length, silk, bill blass skirt. the color is the perfect shade of red, and the bottom is scalloped…it must’ve been made just for me!

we also adore that hole-y tank, and here’s a fun fact: the day i found that tank at the goodwill (well, rosy really found it but generously let me buy it and own it!), i think i spent $4 on it. the very next day i saw it at a crossroads trading co. in west hollywood, selling for $16. score one for team bekka!

visit us on instagram @_bekka___ for a beautiful boho outtake!

xo bekka