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let's play dress up.

boho babe

when we snag a beautiful vintage find, we can’t wait to blog about it.

while today’s look is pretty effortlessly awesome, the key piece is that stunning, floor-length, silk, bill blass skirt. the color is the perfect shade of red, and the bottom is scalloped…it must’ve been made just for me!

we also adore that hole-y tank, and here’s a fun fact: the day i found that tank at the goodwill (well, rosy really found it but generously let me buy it and own it!), i think i spent $4 on it. the very next day i saw it at a crossroads trading co. in west hollywood, selling for $16. score one for team bekka!

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xo bekka

fave finds no. 4 : orange you glad it’s summer?

this summer, we’ve been kinetically drawn to the color orange. i’ve been finding it in all my favorite pieces, and this month’s fave finds collection is no exception.

summer months are the times to really be brave and brazen with your colors. earth tones and the most loved color in the world - black - are always fashionable and sensible, but color in summer just works. go bright or go home:

starting from the top down, that multi-layered chain necklace was a fun find from the ross local to my work. it’s a lunch break hazard, but i was happy to find this treasure. it adds the perfect pop of color and style to any summer look - and was a cool steal at $12.99

from there i rock my favorite electric orange shorts. made by kate spade saturday, but found at a very trusty marshall’s (clearance item - $25). while kate spade saturday offers a youthful, kate spade style at a fraction of the kate spade price, i’ve been finding my saturday pieces at bargain stores. the wallet, for example, came from t.j. maxx ($19.99). definitely browse the current pieces at kate spade saturday, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for there, you never know what you might come across at your local tj’s or marshall’s.

now, the fake berks. let me explain. ever since i saw the olsen’s rocking birkenstocks, i have to admit, i kind of dug the hobo-meets-hippie look. and pretty much whatever they do i’m on board with, but i wasn’t about to get the givenchy version for an arm and a leg or even get the og birks at upwards of $150. in my opinion, a trend as obviously fleeting at this doesn’t deserve top dollar. so, when i want to go trendy without breaking the bank, i turn to a dear friend: target. and they delivered. i’ve never had birks, but this sam + libby version have got to be the most comfortable, supportive sandals i’ve ever worn. they look cute with shorts and with pants, and the gold accents are a welcome touch. for only $29.99, they could be yours!

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xo bekka

party monster

well, it’s the weekend again, and while there is always an itch to go have one too many drinks and dance the night away, we recommend doing club style with some class.

far too often i’ve seen girls out at night who look more like women of the night rather than stylish, strong gals ready to party. boy hunting or not, there are ways to be seen and be sexy without being slutty.

quinn gives off mega sex appeal in this silk bcbg top, which we adore because of its specialty cut and details, and it’s the perfect shade of nude. paired with liquid leggings that look great under dance room lights, she is set for a club, a cocktail lounge, or even her own, personal bedroom dance party:



also note the platform on the heels - crucial for a night out! don’t let your feet suffer from your friday fun. visit us on instagram @_bekka___ for today’s outtake - cheers!

xo bekka

a happy 70th soiree

on june 28, my family, myself, and about 25 of my dad’s friends and colleagues traveled to southern new jersey to surprise him with a 70th birthday party we hoped he’d never see coming, but more importantly, never forget. in a word: success!

having jorge and me in town from california was a surprise in and of itself, but when dad walked into our party room and saw so many faces thrilled to celebrate him, he was floored. below are some of my favorite shots from the big event - all taken by the lovely mary garito. we could never fully or properly thank her for taking the initiative to take such wonderful shots that will last our family a lifetime of fond memories.

also, a special shout out to justin and the team at gourmet italian cuisine in galloway, new jersey. they took great care of us and our guests - we recommend them for bar bites and dinners on the daily, and of course special events if you ever find yourself partying in southern nj!

our family can’t thank all that attended enough for coming (on time, too!) and sharing this evening with us.

oh yeah, and as for the fashion…

what i wore:

dress: ross find (2014)

shoes: kate spade new york (2010)

earrings: target (2014)

watch: betsey johnson (2008)

our fantastic family shot is already up on instagram, where you can see the details of my dress and also just how pretty my family is @_bekka___

love you, dad - this one’s for you :)

xo bekka

all aboard!

 if there is one thing that we can never have enough of, it’s rompers. and the real unicorn of romper shopping happens when you find the most comfortable, vintage kind that lives in the depths of thrift shop racks, just waiting for you. that’s how i met today’s star piece, this romper that gives me reason to say the phrase ‘railroad chic.’ this romper not only looks pretty fabulous on everyone, it’s stripes are subtle enough that you don’t look like a clown (at least, not according to us!). and anything with a chest joey pocket is a-ok by me.

quinn pulls off this look that could be seen shopping the streets of soho and kicked back by the beach nomming on an ice cream cone. either sounds like paradise right about now:

visit our instagram @_bekka___ for an adorable outtake and let’s hop on the first train to the weekend…pitstop: margaritaville.

xo bekka

happy belated birthday, america!

sorry, we’re a little late. with all the fireworks, bbqs, and beer, we lost track of time. but we promise, we dressed to impress this fourth of july holiday and made our homeland proud!

there have been lots of fashion articles regarding how to properly do red, white, and blue - and trust me, i saw lots of fashion do-nots over the weekend in new york city! we enjoy our holidays with subtle touches and a vintage twist…what else is new? our july 4th look also praises the glory of menswear to keep things fresh, festive and as american as apple pie:

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xo bekka

love for scallops

we have a soft spot: scallop detailing. we would take it in any form - on tops, on shorts, on bags, on undies, on all four. 

this week, we not only channel our love for scallop detailing, but also our undying love for the bright colors and summer style. one never needs to be overdressed to impress:

find your brightest shades and make the most of this pre-holiday fashion fest…check us out on instagram @_bekka___ for our very special outtake, too!

xo bekka

summer friday

now that it’s officially summer, let’s get this friday started right!

sundresses are the name of the game to beat the socal heat, but even the simplest of pieces can really make a statement. the thick cording that trims the sleeves and back details of this dress wow-ed me when i found this oh-so-soft piece at my local goodwill. the rich, coral color doesn’t hurt either - especially for making a summer splash in a single dress.

we’re also really into putting our hair up these days, so we topped this look with a slightly over-sized bow in yet another summer-favorite shade, pistachio green. light touches like bows in your hair or single strand necklaces can keep you cool in the heat while still looking hot:

visit our instagram @_bekka___ for a sun-filled outtake, and get colorful this weekend!

xo bekka

do summer simple

whenever someone imagines summertime, they never think of multiple layers, complicated patterns, or overly abundant jewels: they think sheer, sleek, clean, simple. or at least i do.

and though we may give up a racked arm of bangles for a single, thin gold bracelet or those autumnal statement necklaces for a single pendant, we never sacrifice looking amazing and feeling even more so! just take a peek at today’s look…oh-so summery, oh-so easy:

we also adore this dress not just for its ease and elegance, but are those not the perfect colors for a ‘little mermaid’-inspired look? we were definitely channeling an ‘under the sea’ theme here! visit us on instagram @_bekka___ for the perfect cali summer outtake.

xo bekka

fave new finds no. 3 : all white, all right

it’s june! and we’re on a white kick..can you blame us? that lame ‘no white  before memorial day rule’ (which was made to be broken, let’s be honest!) is finally lifted and we can sport our summer whites like no other.

check out this month’s fave finds, and look below the images to learn where you can pick up your own!

taking things from the top, we found the perfect city hat for summer - it’s made by H&M (so feel free to search their hat collection), but i snagged it at crossroads trading co. after a girl’s gathering drag queen brunch. what can i say? the shopping gods were on my side. i absolutely love the hat and it works dressed up or down and is definitely on trend. crossroads is great for second-hand finds that are a bit safer in the hygiene department than a goodwill or salvation army, but still at low prices. i got this hat for $10!

working our way to my arms, those target arrow bangles were a sale find that i couldn’t pass up. for only $12.99, these bangles have a hint of glitz and add a special touch to many day-to-day looks.

THAT BAG. it’s my summer score. i love it dearly and it hasn’t left my arm since may. i found it at nordstrom rack - my new favorite place for really good bags. it was on sale for $175, originally $395. pour la victoire is also a new favorite - all of their leather goods are simply perfect. and having worked for a handbag company, i can say with confidence their cuts and styles for bags are innovative and fresh; really unique in such a saturated market. and their color choices are bright in more ways than one - i’ve never found a bag this color before and wasn’t about to wish i’d find one again by not scooping this baby up. it’s my bag baby, for sure.

the classic white jean - a must for summer. i got these on sale for $30 at marshall’s. they are a chino-denim blend that is more breathable than denim and also lighter in weight than your average jean. they fit like a dream and make my behind look great…just ask our ‘fave finds’ photog, jorge. :) visit marshall’s to find a pair of these or like these in their summer pant selection.

last but not least, my sandals. a diamond in the rough from ross, these sandals are unexpectedly comfortable and also have a unique design to them. i hadn’t seen anything like them (seeing a pattern in the items i choose to buy?) and at $11, they had to come home with me.

check out instagram @_bekka___ for today’s special outtake from our ‘fave finds,’ and happy hunting for your own june deals and steals!

xo bekka